Alfredo Carreno

Photo of Alfredo Carreno
Alfredo Carreno
Adjunct professor of design practice, product design

Alfredo Carreno is a Principal Industrial Designer currently working at Newell Brands in Kalamazoo, MI. With over two decades of enriching experience in industrial design, he is a seasoned professional dedicated to transforming ideas into tangible and impactful products. Throughout his career, he has thrived in consultancy and corporate environments, consistently translating business and user needs into meaningful, innovative, and aesthetically appropriate design solutions.

Born and raised on the vibrant streets of Mexico City, and driven by his passion for design, Alfredo moved to the United States after college, embarking on a challenging but transformative professional journey that allowed him to hone his skills and refine his design philosophy through immersive experiences in both consultancy and corporate settings.

His career has been marked by a deep interest in crafting products and experiences that resonate with consumers and deliver a clear message from a brand perspective. From the conceptualization phase to the final prototype, he deeply enjoys the design process, always seeking to learn and improve his methodology and skills. His diverse portfolio encompasses an array of industries, from consumer electronics to housewares, which has allowed him to contribute to various high-profile design projects, resulting in multiple patent filings and industry-recognized award-winning products.

As he reflects on his journey from Mexico City to the United States, he is humbled by the diverse influences that have shaped his professional design experience, and by all the opportunities that have been given to him, to be able to demonstrate his passion for design.