Michael Kahwaji

Photo of Michael Kahwaji
Michael Kahwaji
Faculty Specialist of Design Practice
3022 Central Kohrman Hall, Mail Stop 5266
Mailing address: 
Richmond Institute of Design and Innovation
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5266 USA
Michael Kahwaji is a distinguished designer, strategic leader, and dedicated educator. His creative journey encompasses the dynamic realm of design in all its dimensions; spanning ID, UX, CMF, research, and trend forecasting. With two decades of professional expertise, Michael's design passion was ignited during his formative education and has since evolved into a driving force.
Michael is dedicated to cultivating high-performing students and teams that hold significant influence over leadership, trailblazing trends, and fostering collaborations across multifaceted disciplines. His pursuit revolves around leveraging individual brilliance within these teams, creating an environment that fosters discovery, and elevating design experiences for everyone from end users to aspiring designers and professionals.
Currently, Michael's focus lies on shaping the future landscape of design and design education. He is an advocate for user-centric solutions and sustainable design practices. Simultaneously, he remains attuned to the ever-changing tides of consumers, using his insights to mold a more responsive and resonant design community. Michael Kahwaji holds an MFA in industrial design from The University of Notre Dame and a BS in industrial design from Western Michigan University.