Cory Kalkowski

Photo of Cory Kalkowski
Cory Kalkowski
Shop Supervisor
(269) 387-5803

Cory is a graduate of Western Michigan University Theatre Design, with an emphasis in lighting design. He has taken his ability to work with light and electronics to work in various national tours, corporate companies, and various leading industries.  Throughout his years in entertainment, he has developed his skills for leadership, and being a mentor to many.  Working by leading through example, he would always be showing others how something can be done by doing it with them and explaining the process along the way.


Cory believes in learning something new every day, leading him to work with corporations to showcase designs and bring detailed work to life.  This passion in learning also pushes him to not be afraid to try new ideas and learn various unfamiliar techniques.  Collaboration and mentorship are a large portion of what drives his passion for creation.  His best accomplishments are seeing students grow and learn the confidence to overcome obstacles that they face in their careers.  


Cory has many interests that aid his career including car fabrication, woodworking, landscape and nature photography, 3d rendering and modeling, as well as an understanding for electronics and computer-based systems. He spends his free time working with various local entertainment companies in Kalamazoo to produce high quality productions and product displays. As well as riding an occasional mountain bike trail, off road camping trip, and teeing off at a local disc golf course.