Emily Timm

Photo of Emily Timm
Emily Timm
Adjunct professor of design practice
(269) 387-2398
  • MBA - Arizona State University
  • Master in Interior Design - Harrington College of Design
  • BFA in Interior Design - Harrington College of Design

Professor Timm believes that each student brings with them a unique perspective on interior architecture. She strives to encourage students to develop their individual creative process, preparing them to share this with the design community. A self-proclaimed 'analog' person, she believes in the powerful connection between our minds, pen, and paper that must be understood prior to the introduction of digital tools. 

As a child, she found herself continually engaged in how things work, puzzles and the experiences a physical environment is able to provide. This led to her first degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago. After undergrad she formed Emily Timm Interior Design, Inc., developing spaces for both high end residential, commercial and healthcare interiors. She returned to Harrington to receive a Masters in Interior Design where she wrote an academic thesis on the need to create a set of industry focused minors to aid a bachelors of ID/IA program. Within a year of working in a traditional design firm, she realized her desire to teach was too strong to ignore. Sales representation provided the opportunity to tell the story of each individual product. After formally mentoring a colleague for six weeks, she found herself a natural leader and pursued a career in sales management. While in this role, she completed a degree in Applied Leadership and Management from Arizona State University. 

With a positive attitude and intoxicating smile, Professor Timm sees each day as an opportunity to lead and inspire through experience, industry expertise and empathy. She strives to engage students in challenging, thought-provoking studies with the ultimate goal of independent design thinking.