Sara Tripp

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Sara Tripp
Adjunct professor of design practice, interior architecture and design

Design is my passion, but Project Management is a close second. My career has evolved via opportunities to travel the country and work with a diverse range of clients, including school districts, tribal communities and government officials. Each experience required developing designs tailored to unique criteria, delivering projects in new ways, and managing countless variables. My successes are most notably derived from planning, organization, efficiency, personal connection and a commitment to clear and open communication.

I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of architecture as it has profound impacts on every person. The architecture and design profession is complex, powerful, and ever-evolving, but the skills to be a successful design leader are not only tangible, they are also learnable. My goal as a professional has been to eradicate the barriers intrinsic to architecture – to create accessibility in architectural education, the project delivery process, and the public. Buildings are created for people, by people. Effective architecture is relatable and inclusive. The future of the profession is one where architecture will be broadly recognized for bettering the quality of life. This will only happen through continued advocacy of equity in the profession; equity for clients, team members, students, and the public. When architecture reflects the diversity of our society, its innate value will be even more impactful in supporting the health, creativity, and productivity of the global community.