Hazardous Waste Material Management Program

Hazardous Waste Material Management Program

Purpose and Scope

Western Michigan University will manage all generated hazardous waste materials in such a manner as to prevent the unintentional or indiscriminate release of hazardous waste or materials that may cause a threat to human health and the environment.  Western Michigan University will minimize the volume and toxicity of its hazardous waste materials within the constraints of economic feasibility and available technology.


The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) shall make arrangements to properly dispose of all materials in a legal manner at a licensed hazardous waste facility.  All manifests for transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes will be signed by EHS or by specific parties approved by EHS.

EHS will provide and maintain documentation for the training of employees who are involved in the generation, handling, or storage of hazardous waste materials.  New employees involved with hazardous waste management will be trained within one (1) month of employment at WMU, and be provided annual refresher training thereafter.  At a minimum, the training will include information on the following:

  1. Emergency Procedures (Contingency Plan)
  2. Emergency equipment and locations
  3. Emergency communications
  4. Fire and Explosion Procedures
  5. Evacuation Procedures
  6. Hazards related to materials being handled
  7. Proper methods of storage container management
  8. Waste minimization
  9. Housekeeping

Each department within the university must ensure that personnel who generate hazardous wastes are aware of this policy.  Any questions as to what constitutes a hazardous waste should be directed to EHS.

Employees generating hazardous waste materials are responsible for contacting EHS to ensure proper disposal of these materials.


Revised 8/1997