Worker's Compensation at Western Michigan University

Work-related injuries and illnesses are never fun.

This guideline is provided to help you and your supervisor ensure that you are getting the proper medical care and timely pay.  Below, we will discuss everyone's responsibilities as it pertains to your injury or illness.

Please be advised that all worker's compensation cases may be different, and this is only a guideline.

Please call us when you have questions or need any assistance throughout your case at:

     (269) 387-5590 (Environmental Health and Safety)

     (269) 387-3620 (Human Resources).

Employee responsibilities:

  • Notify your supervisor immediately and seek medical assistance: if it is Monday-Friday, from the hours of 8AM-5PM, report to Sindecuse Health Center (269) 387-3287.  Be sure to tell them your visit is work related. If time permits, complete a WC210 form and bring it with you.  If you are having a medical emergency call 911 or proceed to the emergency room.
  • An Emergency can not and should not wait! Some examples are: you have a severe head injury, you have difficulty breathing, you are experiencing intense localized pain, something is outside that should be inside, or someone with First Aid/CPR training is encouraging you to go.  If you can wait to go to Sindecuse, please try to do so.
  • Whether or not you receive medical care, you and your Supervisor must complete the Accident/Injury form.  Submit the form, and any other paperwork received during your doctor's appointment(s) to Environmental Health and Safety, Mail Stop 5485.
  • If the doctor has decided that they need to restrict your activity, be sure to abide by those restrictions when you are at home as well as at work.  If your department can not accommodate your restrictions, then you may be taken off work.
  • If you require medical care outside of Sindecuse or are taken off work, your information is submitted to our worker's comp carrier, CompOne.  A representative from CompOne may call you to verify your information, get information about the incident, and make sure your case is running smoothly.
  • Be sure to attend all of your doctors', physical therapy, and testing appointments, and participate in your treatment plan. 
  • Bring in any paperwork you receive to your supervisor.  Your Supervisor must forward all your paperwork to EHS. 
  • Keep your Supervisor, EHS, your HR Rep and CompOne in the loop with how your are doing.

You are responsible for paying your insurance premiums if you are off work.  Worker’s Comp does not pay that for you.

If you are off work for less than 7 days, you may need to use your Sick Leave to cover the time off.

If you are unable to return to work after 12 consecutive months off payroll, your employment may be separated.

 Human Resources Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate your benefits.

EHS Responsibilities:

  • Submit your claim, paperwork, and bills to CompOne.
  • Keep records of appointments you attended, your restrictions, and when you are off and back to work.
  • Facilitate communication between HR, CompOne, Sindecuse, and your Supervisor.
  • Coordinate Sick Leave buy-back if you are off work longer than 7 days.
  • Find the answers to any questions you will have.

Communication if key!

See more information on the Human Resources, Policies and Procedures Manual Section 12: Employee Safety.