Health and Safety Services

Western Michigan University's Environmental Health and Safety department offers the following occupational safety and health services for WMU employees and students. Please call (269) 387-5590 to obtain the following services or questions about the services.

Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Health and Safety will investigate employee or student concerns regarding the quality of the air in their workplace, residence or classroom. We follow recognized industry protocols for indoor air quality investigations. We respond by visiting the area of concern, talking to the occupants, visually inspecting the area and collaborating with Facilities Management to inspect mechanical equipment or the building envelope if necessary. Depending on the type of complaint, we may monitor the space for indoor air quality parameters such as carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature.

Ergonomic Assessments ON CAMPUS

The purpose of an ergonomic assessment is to reduce the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders by analyzing and recommending positive changes in work environment and methods. We will come to your campus work site to review the tools of your job and how you use them. The job could range from using a computer workstation to slicing carrots. The Environmental Health and Safety department does not provide ergonomic related equipment at this time.

Click here for information on how to order a new chair.

Respirator Fit Testing

MIOSHA requires that employers provide the appropriate respirator training and fit testing on an annual basis to employees that wear respirators on the job. Respirators come in many sizes and offer different types of protection. The purpose of the initial and annual Respiratory Protection classes and respirator fit testing is to assure a proper fit as well as the selection of the correct respirator and type of filter or cartridge for the work conditions. 

Building Safety Inspections

Environmental Health and Safety performs inspections of public areas in all buildings on campus. Occupants of buildings are encouraged to inspect their own work areas and eliminate hazards or report hazardous conditions for repair.