The Division of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) offers a variety of training programs for employees and students of WMU that not only cover State and Federal Regulations but also addresses safety concerns and issues that are not regulated. Call (EHS) at 387-5590 to obtain information on scheduling or attending any of these training programs:


Aerial Lift

This training covers the MIOSHA part 58 requirements for the construction, operation, maintenance, and inspection of aerial work platforms with either manual or powered mobility.  This course is offered to WMU employees only.  The training consists of a 1-hour lecture plus 15 minutes per employee for hands-on practice.

Asbestos Awareness

This training covers the MIOSHA part 305 requirements for Asbestos Awareness Training.  This course is a 2-hour refresher lecture and is meant for those who may reasonably come into contact with asbestos-containing materials as a normal course of their job duties.

Back Safety

This training covers the anatomy of the back, what causes back injuries, and how back injuries can be prevented.  This training is offered individually or in a class format and is about 20 minutes long.

Bloodborne Pathogens

This course covers the MIOSHA part 554 requirement for WMU employees who may reasonably come into contact with blood or other body fluids during the course of their regular job duties.  This course is taught in a group setting with a combination of video, lecture, and group discussion.  This course is 30 minutes long.  Additional training is required for BCSS staff.

Chemical Laboratory Safety

This course discusses the types of hazards that WMU students and employees may encounter in a chemical laboratory and the standard operating procedures used to control those hazards.  The course is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

Confined Space

This training covers the minimum requirements for the practices and procedures to protect employees from the hazards associated with entry into permit-required confined spaces as dictated by MIOSHA part 90.  This course is 1 hour in length and is offered for select employee and student groups.

Fire Extinguisher

This 20-minute course covers the use of fire extinguishers on campus.  Topics covered include the different types of fire extinguishers and their use, how to use a fire extinguisher and concludes with hands-on practice by the course participants.

Hazardous Materials

This course discusses the types of chemicals that WMU students and employees may encounter in a chemical laboratory and the standard operating procedures used to control and dispose of those chemicals.  The course is 25 minutes long.

Heat Stress

This course covers the signs and symptoms of heat stress, how to avoid excessive heat exposure, and how to react when heat stress occurs.  This course is a lecture and is 30 minutes in length.

Hot Work

This course covers the safety requirements as prescribed in MIOSHA part 12 for WMU employees involved in welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, and acetylene generating and to those exposed to these processes and the equipment and compressed gases used.  This course is a 30-minute lecture.

Ladder Safety

This course covers the proper care, inspection, storage, and use of ladders as covered by MIOSHA part 2.  This course is a 30-minute lecture.


This course covers the lockout/tagout of energy sources for the protection of WMU employees, in, on, or around machines, equipment, or a process during repair, maintenance, and associated activities, from injury due to unexpected/unintended motion, energization, start-up, or release of stored energy from the machine, equipment, or process as described in MIOSHA part 85.  This course is a 1-hour lecture.

Noise and Hearing

This course talks about the effects of noise on the ear and hearing, administrative and engineering controls, and personal protective equipment.  This course is restricted to WMU employees who are within the hearing protection programs.  It is a 30-minute lecture.

Personal Protective Equipment

This course is available for WMU employees and students.  It discusses the hazards employees and students may be exposed to, how to control the hazards and the types of PPE appropriate for the hazards.  This is a 20-minute course consisting of lectures and demonstrations.

Powered Industrial Truck Safety

The purpose of this course is to provide the safety rules for the care and use of powered industrial trucks and to provide for operator safety and specifications of equipment per MIOSHA part 21.  This is a 45-minute lecture plus 15 minutes of hands-on experience per person.  Participants must have prior department approval before scheduling the course.

Repetitive Motion and Ergonomics

This course is a one-on-one consultation at the employee's work station which includes a discussion of the work station to fit the employee.  Adjustments to the workstation may be made as available.  This is a 20-minute consultation.

Respirator Safety

This course discusses the use, fit, cleaning, and storage of respirators in the control of occupational diseases caused by breathing air contaminated with harmful dusts, fog, fumes, mists, gases, smokes, spray, or vapors.  This course consists of a 15-minute video, with demonstration and fit testing.

Right To Know (Hazard Communication)

The purpose of this course is to disseminate information regarding the safe handling of hazardous chemicals present in WMU workplaces, Safety Data Sheets, container labeling, classification of hazardous chemicals, and hazard controls.  This is a 35-minute course.

Scaffolding and Fall Protection

This course covers the use of scaffolding systems, installation and safety practices.  The use, care, and inspection of fall protection is also included.  This is a 30 minutes lecture.


Storm Water

This course covers the effects of pollution of stormwater and the effects of Michigan's waterways.  This is a 30-minute course consisting of video and lecture.