UMSC July Minutes

July 2023 Meeting Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Union-Management Safety Committee was conducted on July 11th, 2023 by the Environmental Health and Safety department with the following individuals in attendance:

Cory Ghiringhelli A Environmental Health and Safety
Mark Heeres A Dining Services
Devin Johnson A Maintenance Services
Darrel Junkins A Landscape Services
Justin Keech A Custodial Services
Pat Lem A Maintenance Services
Keith Pung A Environmental Health and Safety
Vince Renda A Maintenance Services
Judy Slumkoski A Custodial Services
Laura Weber VA Legal Affairs, Risk, and Compliance
Jake Woods A Environmental Health and Safety

In-Person Attendance: (A)
Virtual Attendance: (VA)


Juanita Snell previously shared an update to the public safety concern regarding a situation where a Custodial Services employee’s personal vehicle was broken into while parked in lot #51 (lower Sindecuse Health Center). Laura Weber previously mentioned that University insurance does not cover personal belongings whether they are located in personal or University vehicles. December Committee discussions involved an inquiry for lockable lockers for Custodial Services personnel. Juanita shared that management approved procurement of three lockers but that purchasing efforts with WMU Surplus Sales did not work out due to minimum quantities needed to make a purchase. Juanita’s update stated that she and Gloria Johnson identified lockers currently located at the Bernhard Center that will be repurposed to Sindecuse Health Center prior to the end of summer. Jake Woods will reach out to Custodial Services for an update and provide a follow up at the August meeting.

Juanita Snell previously shared an update regarding break locations that are used by Custodial Service personnel. It was previously mentioned that some of these spaces are individual rooms/closets where cleaning and other chemicals are stored. Committee members discussed why these areas are being utilized as break locations, chemical/electrical concerns, and whether a survey can be performed to ensure designated break locations are safe to use. Jake opened a dialogue with Custodial Services leadership who informed him that they plan on performing an audit of the break room spaces to make sure that they are suitable for taking breaks, and if they find out they are not, will designate other areas to be utilized. Juanita stated that some of the surveyed locations have had chairs and tables mobilized; assessment of the remaining break locations is ongoing. Committee discussions from the July meeting resulted in three buildings being requested to be prioritized; Dalton Center, Kohrman Hall, and South Kohrman Hall. Jake Woods will reach out to Custodial Services for an update and provide a follow up at the August meeting.


No updates.


Vince Renda introduced a safety concern regarding the center stairs / seating area located in the Student Center. The stairs and seating are composed of the same material; there is no differentiation between color, surface texture, etc. This lack of delineation between steps and seating area (where a significant drop relative to the steps is present) may contribute to a personal injury due to its design and materials used; particularly hazardous to persons who are blind or have low vision. Jake Woods will investigate, reach out to the Project Manager with the concerns, and provide a follow up at the August meeting.

Judy Slumkoski introduced a safety concern regarding exterior door schedule and the recent presence of an unauthorized individual at the Seeyle Center. Some of the exterior doors have been observed to be unlocked during early morning hours. An unauthorized individual was observed to be in the 2nd floor of the facility the morning of Monday (7/10/23); public safety was contacted by the person had vacated the building prior to the response. Jake Woods will investigate, bring attention to the Athletics department, and provide a follow up at the August meeting.


Pat Lem stated that he has assumed the PM Manager position within the Maintenance Services department. Please contact him if any persistent issues require immediate attention and/or periodic maintenance efforts.

Darrel Junkins expressed appreciation to Mark Weiss and EHS for helping to assist the Landscape Services department with the recent air quality issues stemming from the Canadian wildfires. Through a joint cooperation it was determined to use the WMU heat stress program break recommendations during times involving poor air quality.

Jake Woods shared that the National Safety Council recognizes July as Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. This is an annual observance held each year highlighting the importance of drivers keeping their vehicles safe. In 2022, more than 1 million vehicles were stolen in the United States—and about half of those thefts were due to driver error. Vehicle theft is a multi-billion-dollar crime, costing vehicle owners more than $8 billion in 2022 alone. Passenger cars made up more than 74% of all stolen motor vehicles. Summers prove to be the worst season for vehicle theft. Further information can be found at:

The next UMSC meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 in the shared conference room located on the ground floor of the E.W. Building at 10:00 a.m.; an invitation to attend via video conferencing platform (WebEx) will also be sent out with these minutes. Please send a substitute representative if you are unable to attend.

Published: 7/17/2023