UMSC May Minutes

May 2022 Meeting Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Union-Management Safety Committee was conducted on May 10th, 2022 by the Environmental Health and Safety department with the following individuals in attendance:

Clara Davis A Environmental Health and Safety
Stacy Emery VA Sindecuse Health Center
Justin Keech A Custodial Services
Connor Kirkpatrick A Maintenance Services
Juanita Snell A Custodial Services
Mark Weiss A Environmental Health and Safety
Jake Woods A Environmental Health and Safety

In-Person Attendance: (A)
Virtual Attendance: (VA)


Jake Woods provided an update to the trip and fall concern involving a stormwater drain located near Rood Hall and Everett Tower. The drain is surrounded by stone aggregate and is in a depression relative to the surrounding walkway. A trip and fall risk is present due to the immediate and unprotected elevation change. Clara Davis previously performed an onsite survey and opened a dialogue regarding the situation with Laura Weber and the Disability Services for Students department. A recommendation of having additional aggregate brought in to help reduce the immediate elevation change was communicated to the Landscape Services leadership for creation of work order, LW-100339. A subsequent onsite meeting between Maintenance Services, Projects and Construction, and EHS resulted in a follow-up meeting with Landscape Services and the design contractor. Various mitigation actions were discussed and a decision to install additional aggregate of a darker color was determined to be the plan of action. Additional aggregate will help to lessen the elevation change and contrasting color stone will help to indicate a transition from sidewalk to the stormwater depression. Jake contacted Landscape Services management and was given the following update: “It is in the work order system. Waiting on estimate and funding source. Not sure the date of completion”.

Kelly Duncan previously provided an update to the concern involving concrete walkways and stairways that need repair due to damage and/or degradation. Kelly and/or the Landscape Services group is continuing the process of creating a list of the damaged materials located on campus. The list will then be reviewed by Landscape Services management for further action and the areas will also be added to the UMSC Damaged Concrete / Brick Areas on Campus list.

Juanita Snell provided an update to the concern involving construction equipment and supplies that are causing an obstruction on the loading dock of the Dalton Center. Marcy Lynn previously mentioned that a project in the area is nearing completion and that the materials in question may be related to the efforts. Juanita stated that the materials in question were still present on the loading dock as of 5/6/22; Connor Kirkpatrick will investigate and reach out to the project manager.

Juanita Snell provided an update to the recent situation that occurred at Read Fieldhouse regarding concerns of doors being left open that were expressed by an elevator repair contractor. The contractor was working in the vicinity of Custodial Services personnel who had left a door open, to help facilitate ventilation, to a room where dusty work activities were being performed. Juanita further investigated the concern and found that a large amount of dust discharged from a vacuum that was performing a non-routine task. The dust release subsequently triggered an alarm and the door was propped opened to help mitigate the airborne particulates. Circumstances were made known to the elevator repair contractor and it was agreed that it is safe and useful to have the door open during these specific cleaning duties.

Jake Woods provided an update to the concern involving a possibly malfunctioning electronic access alarm located on an exterior door at the loading dock of Floyd Hall. Previous discussions seemed to indicate that the alarm delay is set for too short of a duration or a related component is damaged / not working properly. The loud alarm activates during normal entry, regardless if the door is closed immediately after an individual pass through the threshold. Jake brought the issue to the attention of DPS and a subsequent inspection of the door in question was performed. Additional feedback received included that that all of the doors in question were in “card only” state, meaning that they require a valid card from outside in order to enter. If the door appears unlocked then it’s either not closing properly or the electronic lock is malfunctioning. For all card access doors, there is a motion sensor on the inside that will also temporarily deactivate the sounder so that people are always allowed to exit without an alarm going off.

Jake Woods provided an update to the vehicular traffic concerns that were observed since the initiation of the Stadium Drive repaving project. It was previously mentioned that vehicles have been seen making illicit U-turns causing disruption, driving dangerously on the Oliver St. hill, and speeding on Ring Rd. Jake contacted WMU-DPS and made known the vehicular/traffic safety concerns. Comments received back included asking officers to provide additional patrol in areas of concern and consideration of housing slow moving vehicles on main campus to limit on road travel due to the extended length of time committed to the repaving project with an understanding that it may not be fully feasible due to Landscape Services offices / gas pumps being located at the Campus Services Building complex.

Jake Woods provided an update to the concern regarding the process of Student Affairs staff performing electrical system breaker resets at the Goldsworth Valley complexes. Ian Stamp previously mentioned these procedures include keeping a log-book of resets performed; information documented would be date, whom performed, cause of reset, etc. This information is reviewed periodically by Maintenance Services in order to determine trends that may indicate further repair is needed to the building’s electrical system. Jake contacted the department of Student Affairs and was informed that the log-book is being used and kept up to date. Mark Weiss also mentioned that the EHS department will be conducting breaker reset training with Maintenance Services and Student Affairs personnel.

Jake Woods provided an update to the concern regarding abandoned bikes at the Western View Apartment complex. Kelly Duncan previously mentioned that there are a number of rusted and damaged bikes, some missing essential components such as tires, that have been locked to bike racks for multiple years. In the past, abandoned bikes left on-campus were periodically removed. Jake contacted DPS and brought the current situation to their attention. He was informed that old bicycles are collected from campus bike racks annually and that the next campus round up would be taking place approximately 3 weeks after the spring commencement. Due to COVID staffing shortages there may have been a longer time lapse than normal but they were on schedule for 2022; these efforts are managed by the Parking Services maintenance coordinator.


No updates


Stacy Emery introduced a discussion involving the University managed automated external defibrillators (AED). She commented that the new Student Center will have two units (one for each floor) and that they are of the same manufacturer (Philips) and model (HeartStart) that are located in campus facilities and utilized throughout the greater Kalamazoo county area. Stacy is helping to manage the University owned devices and inquired about whom she would need to contact to update the AED location map. Committee discussions recommended contacting the FM-GIS coordinator and/or the DPS emergency manager. She will further investigate and provide a follow up.

Juanita Snell introduced a campus safety concern involving the observance of an unknown person sitting at a table near an entrance of Lawson Ice Arena at 3:00 a.m. by a Custodial Services employee. The employee had arrived on-campus earlier than normal to clock-in and perform their daily duties. They then observed the unknown individual prior to exiting their personal vehicle. DPS was subsequently contacted and investigated the situation. During conversation it was mentioned to the employee that the unknown person fit the physical description of an individual who is known to DPS. Juanita inquired if it would be possible for DPS to provide information on suspected or known dangerous or unwelcomed individuals. Mark Weiss will investigate and provide a follow up.


Juanita Snell stated that new employees with the Custodial Services department will be attending initial safety training (right to know / hazard communication, blood borne pathogen, asbestos awareness, and ladder safety) with the EHS group in the near future.

Jake Woods mentioned that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes May as Heat Illness Prevention campaign month and to remind everyone the importance of proper hydration, rest, and shade. Heat is the leading weather-related killer, ending more lives than do hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and lightning combined. Extreme hot weather strains the heart and lungs, causing heart attacks, strokes and respiratory disease in vulnerable individuals. Further information can be found at: Heat Illness Prevention Campaign | Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( or (

The next UMSC meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 in the shared conference room located on the ground floor of the E.W. Building at 10:00 a.m.; an invitation to attend via video conferencing platform (WebEx) will also be sent out with these minutes. Please send a substitute representative if you are unable to attend.

Published: 5/26/2022