UMSC October Minutes

October 2022 Meeting Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Union-Management Safety Committee was conducted on October 11th, 2022 by the Environmental Health and Safety department with the following individuals in attendance:

Kathi Cain-Babbitt A AFSCME
Kelly Duncan A Landscape Services
Justin Keech A Custodial Services
Pat Lem A Maintenance Services
Keith Pung A Environmental Health and Safety
Juanita Snell A Custodial Services
Mark Weiss A Environmental Health and Safety
Jake Woods A Environmental Health and Safety

In-Person Attendance: (A)
Virtual Attendance: (VA)


Kelly Duncan previously provided an update to the concern involving concrete walkways and stairways that need repair. Kelly mentioned that repairs to damaged areas are on-going throughout campus and that she will wait until the completion of this year’s efforts to finalize the list. The areas will then be reviewed by Landscape Services management for further action and be added to the UMSC Damaged Concrete / Brick Areas on Campus list.

Jake Woods provided an update to the request for fentanyl awareness, active shooter / intruder response, and other hazardous materials such as needles/unknown chemicals/etc training for Landscape Services personnel.
Jake opened a dialogue with WMU-DPS and Landscape Services management. Training availability and specifications was confirmed with WMU-DPS responsible for active shooter / intruder response and WMU-EHS responsible for the other subjects. Landscape Services management are determining best availability for training session scheduling.

Pat Lem provided an update to the safety concern involving exterior doors of Wood Hall that had been found slightly ajar by Custodial Services personnel. Pat stated that work orders were created for the affected doors and necessary repairs and/or adjustments completed by Maintenance Services tradespeople.

Jake Woods provided an update to safety concerns involving vehicular traffic near the Stadium Drive construction areas and the Oliver St. hill. It was previously mentioned that vehicles operating unsafely and performing illicit overtakes have been observed by Landscape Services personnel. Jake Woods contacted WMU-DPS who informed him that the issues on the Oliver St. hill should resolve themselves once the construction project was completed and the Oliver St. / Stadium Drive light re-timed. The road construction project was completed prior to the October UMSC meeting.

Jake Woods provided an update to the safety concerns involving vehicular traffic on Ring Rd. N near the Valley Dining Center and at the intersection of Ring Rd. N and Valley 1 Dr. Vehicles operating unsafely and instances of close calls between pedestrians and vehicles had been observed by Landscape Services personnel. Jake forwarded along the traffic safety concerns to WMU-DPS and was informed that they had not observed any unsafe traffic on the Ring Road itself but that the pedestrian crosswalk near the Valley Dining Center has presented some challenges. Instances of pedestrians walking out in front of cars while using their cell-phone have been observed by WMU-DPS. The amount of students crossing intermittently with a small break and the back-up of cars waiting to proceed will always be an issue and has since it opened. This area of concern has been something they have monitored since the Valley Dining Center opened.

Jake Woods provided an update to the committee discussions involving a recent pedestrian fatality involving an incident with a passenger vehicle and the related online student-led petition. Committee discussions also involved what the campus is doing to help prevent future accidents. Jake contacted WMU-DPS who informed him that they are strong proponents for increased off-campus lighting along W. Michigan Avenue but that they are not supportive of increasing the number of crosswalks along this busy corridor due to the adequate amount currently available. Additionally, from 8/8-9/8/22 there were 165 traffic stops on W. Michigan Avenue from Howard Street to Emajean Street; Western officers conducted 60 of those stops.


Concrete repairs to the Miller Auditorium Emergency Exit were confirmed to be completed by Jake Woods.


Kathi Cain-Babbitt introduced a safety concern involving damaged walkways and/or stairs at Waldo Stadium. Kathi observed a Facebook post / group chat during a recent football game where patrons discussed damaged materials being present in seating sections D/E. She subsequently forwarded along the concerns to the FM Service Center who issued work order LA-100111 to have Landscape Services inspect the area(s).

Juanita Snell introduced an issue regarding the lack of transportation access to the Lee Honors College building. The previous access driveway was demolished and not replaced during removal of the Wesley Chapel parking lot. The driveway was used by both Custodial Services and Maintenance Services personnel to deliver supplies and other heavy items to the facility. Personnel were not informed on recommended access methods but the committee discussed options such as using campus sidewalks for driving on and/or delivering using carts. Jake Woods will reach out to management of both department’s for guidance on preferred methods of access and delivery to the building.

Kelly Duncan introduced a trip and fall concern involving significant deterioration to recent repairs that had been completed on concrete stairs near Miller Auditorium. The stairway in question is heavily trafficked by pedestrians. The damaged area in question is located in the center of the wide stairway and it appears all of the repair material has fell off exposing rebar underneath. Jake Woods will investigate and follow up with the Landscape Services department.

Kelly Duncan introduced a concern involving damaged and deterioration to the stone retaining wall at the Trimpe Building. Jake Woods will investigate and follow up with the Landscape Services department.

Kelly Duncan expressed concern about washed out pavement and hole in the driveway located between the Faunce Student Services Building and North Kohrman Hall. Kelly stated that there appeared to be significant soil missing from underneath the pavement and that it presented a hazard to both pedestrians and vehicles. Jake Woods will investigate and follow up with FM-Engineering and Landscape Services.

Kelly Duncan introduced a safety concern involving observations of unprotected holes or sunken depressions in the lawn near Parking Lot 94. The areas of concern were not marked and were found to be deep enough that an individual could step in and trip/fall. Kelly will follow up with the Landscape Services personnel responsible for this Region of campus.


Jake Woods mentioned that OSHA and the CDC recognize October as Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention Month. This is an annual observance held in October each year highlighting the importance of preventing hearing loss and prevention methods/processes for occupational settings. Although a traumatic noise exposure may cause an immediate hearing loss in some cases, most occupational hearing losses occur so gradually that workers are unaware they are losing their hearing. The rate of hearing loss growth is greatest during the first 10 years of exposure. Further information can be found at:

The next UMSC meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 in the shared conference room located on the ground floor of the E.W. Building at 10:00 a.m.; an invitation to attend via video conferencing platform (WebEx) will also be sent out with these minutes. Please send a substitute representative if you are unable to attend.

Published: 10/17/2022