Integrative Holistic Health And Wellness

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Credits required: 18

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Industry highlights

By 2020, careers in the holistic health field are projected to increase faster than average, by 20-36 percent , on a national level.Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook

Undergraduate minor

Promoting health, healing and wellness

Holism is a philosophy which considers the whole person within the larger context of their life. The wisdom of holistic health honors the interdependent relationship between the body, mind and spirit within the individual, their relationships, their communities, and their interactions with the world.

Students pursuing a holistic health undergraduate minor from WMU are exposed to complementary and alternative ways to promote optimal health and healing, at both an academic and experiential level. By exploring a variety of topics in this rapidly growing field, students are encouraged to carefully evaluate research on various evidence-based holistic practices. Students are also presented with a framework for wellness, assisting them to make informed life-style choices and to establish respectful, cooperative relationships with others and the environment.

Why holistic health (minor) at Western Michigan University?

The holistic health program at WMU’s College of Health and Human Services is one of only a few such programs in the United States, providing students with a unique opportunity for high-level learning in this growing area. The holistic health minor can enhance many different degrees offered at WMU. This 18 credit hour minor (in addition to a prerequisite course) provides:

  • A foundation in integrative health and wellness concepts
  • Multiple opportunities to foster self-awareness and sensitivity to others
  • An incorporation of both didactic and experiential learning

Who should apply

Undergraduate students who are majoring in:

  • A health care field and desire specialized study in the areas of holistic health
  • A non-health care field and are interested in considering the application of holistic theories to their field of study
  • Any area and are interested in how holistic principles and practices will benefit them both personally and professionally

Career opportunities

This program equips students for career advancement in health and human service fields and provides opportunities for enrichment and personal growth. Students will gain invaluable new knowledge and skills to enhance their present positions.

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