Light Bulb Sustainability Program

What is the light bulb sustainability program?

In January 2010, Custodial Services, in collaboration with Maintenance Services, started the Light Bulb Sustainability program, which created a crew within the custodial department dedicated to the changing of light bulbs. The light bulb sustainability program originally employed two project specialists who received specialized training to address the lighting issues in nine General Fund buildings.  The program has since grown and now employs four project specialists who address the lighting issues in all General Fund buildings. The light bulb crew also works closely with electricians from Maintenance Services to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the crew and program. 

How successful is the light bulb sustainability program?

A vast amount of data was collected during the pilot phase of the program. One of the most significant and positive results of the program was the noticeable increase in the number of lighting issues resolved before a building user needed to report them. Since the program has expanded, reports of lighting issues from building users have become almost non-existent. In other words, moving from a reactive approach to a proactive approach has achieved a higher level of customer service.

The light bulb sustainability program is considered a great success. The program now includes all 54 buildings on Western’s campus. We believe that this program will continue to grow in its success and continue to maintain high customer satisfaction.

How are lighting issues identified?

Lighting issues are identified primarily through reports from the regular custodial staff. Issues are also identified by building users, and then reported via the Facilities Management Web request system, Bronco Fix-It. The light bulb crew also uses a "seek and find" method while working in designated buildings, eliminating lighting issues in a timely manner.

Process for getting a light bulb replaced

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