Waste and Recycling

Custodial's waste policy is designed to encourage recycling and discourage uneccessary wasteIn our on-going efforts to improve sustainability and efficiency, waste and recycling removal are both handled by Custodial Services. In 2012, new handling procedures were implemented allowing for better servicing of recycling containers. To provide this improved service, waste and recycling was eliminated from classrooms, conference rooms, cubicles and offices. It is the responsibility of the occupant or user of the space to empty all trash and recycling containers into the central location containers. Custodial will empty the central collection stations regularly. If you are planning an activity in a conference room or classroom, a Facilities Management Event Request form must be completed to provide additional trash and/or recycling containers. The form may be found here. 

It is our intention to phase in standardized central waste collection systems over the next several years to replace the current pods of Brute barrels and Rubbermaid Slim Jims. 

Summary of waste and recycling removal policy


Each office has a landfill trash container and a paper recycling bin. Office occupants are responsible for emptying their own containers and bins into the appropriate container in the identified departmental office area; a brute barrel will be available for landfill trash, a container will be available for paper and cardboard and a 20-gallon brute barrel will be available for bottles, cans, caps and foils.

Designated central recycle bins are emptied on a daily basis by building custodial staff. A building floor plan is provided showing the new locations for the daily removal of waste and recyclable material.


All trash and recycling containers are removed from classrooms. Where appropriate, signs are posted indicating that discarded materials should be taken to the appropriate containers in public spaces. There are a few special circumstances such as wood and metal shops, computer labs or Art Education labs that may require certain containers to remain.


Landfill trash containers remain in each bathroom.

Science labs

Appropriate containers are determined on a case by case basis.

Minimum number of stations

There should be a trash and recycling center (i.e., a determined location that includes containers for landfill trash, paper recycling and bottle or can recycling—this is serviced on a daily basis) at or near all major entrances to buildings as well as in “hidden” hallways. Other locations throughout buildings must be determined during a walk through.