Sustainability is about much more than following a fad. Going green is beneficial for everyone—it protects our environment and saves money. Western Michigan University has always been at the forefront of sustainability and the department of Custodial Services is no different.

How has WMU gone green?

  • Western has a formal sustainability committee that has the goal of making “Western Michigan University a national higher education sustainability leader.”
  • Any new construction must be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified.
  • WMU is committed to 30 percent waste diversion.
  • 80 percent of cleaning chemicals are Green Seal certified.
  • WMU has an environmental studies program, and recently introduced a freshwater science and sustainability degree.
  • 100 percent of the WMU grounds are maintained organically.

Office for Sustainability

How has custodial gone green?

  • We use the Kaizen No-Touch Cleaning system, which is a multipurpose system that helps eliminate unnecessary equipment and automatically proportions chemicals to reduce waste.
  • Custodial vacuums are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s green label.
  • We use window washing machines that employ the reverse osmosis deionizing technology. The machines produce mineral free water, which cleans windows spot free without the use of cleaning agents.
  • Our machines are environmentally friendly.
  • We use green chemicals with less packaging and measured delivery system.
  • We use the 3M Twist 'N Fill chemicals and system. The chemicals can be disposed safely to water treatment facilities.
  • We have switched to EcoSoftTM towels which are made from 100 percent recycled fibers and meet EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste content.
  • Our Stoko Refresh foam soap is dye and fragrance free and is Green Seal certified .
  • Our foam hand sanitizer is environmentally friendly, using no fluorinated chemicals.
  • Custodial's light bulb sustainability program fixes lighting issues quickly and efficiently.

WMU's green cleaning policy