Fall 2018 Lyceum Lecture Series

Exploring the way people choose to eat and the impact on the environment, their health and community is the focus of weekly seminars beginning Wednesday, Sept. 12.  The Office for Sustainability will be delivering a lecture about permaculture practices on Nov. 28. Learn more about these opportunities and take part!

Surplus Sales

Support sustainability by preventing items from going to the landfill by buying and selling unwanted items at Surplus Sales every Wednesday. Open to WMU employees and community members. 


Climate Change Could Mean More Snow For Michigan, But Only In The Short Term

WMU biologist David Karowe predicts that climate change will lead to a short-term increase in lake effect snow for the southwest Michigan region. This trend will likely reverse by 2060 due to the effects of climate change. 

Battery research project will support company's clean energy plan

Consumer's Energy has installed a large-scale battery on WMU's Parkview Campus. This new battery can store enough energy to power 1,000 homes for an hour!

Heritage Hall Alumni Center featured in USGBC Battle of the Buildings video

Watch WMU President Dr. Montgomery speak about the successes and opportunities created by the renovation and subsequent LEED Platinum certification of WMU's first building. 

University partners with city to promote 'shared prosperity' for residents 

WMU and the City of Kalamazoo formalized a new city initiative to reduce poverty and promote prosperity in our community, 

Multimillion-dollar research center addresses construction challenges

WMU researchers are studying innovative ways to build better in the age of climate change. 

New permaculture orchard demonstrates WMU devotion to sustainability

70 fruit trees have turned what was a parking lot into a rejuvenating nascent grove. Read more about Landscape Services efforts on this project here.