Office for Sustainability Publications


The Effects of Energy Dashboards and Competition Programming on Electricity Consumption on a College Campus
Katherine Binder, M.A.


Office for Sustainability 2013-2014 Highlights Report

Bernhard Center Waste Receptacle Signage Pilot Study
Katherine Binder, M.A., Carolyn Noack, M.A. and Nola Wiersma

Best Practice Study of Bike Friendly Universities: Sidewalks and Signage Policies (pdf)
Kevin Martini, M.A., Harold Glasser, Ph.D., Matthew Hollander, B.A.

Best Practice Study of Bike Friendly Universities: Sidewalks and Signage Policies (pptx)
Kevin Martini, M.A.

Small-scale Bike Share Alternative Options
Kevin Martini, M.A.



2013 PUSC annual report slideshow

STARS Sustainability Definitions

Living Building Challenge (video)
Nicole Pascaretta, Giovanni Roberto

Living Building Challenge (pptx) and companion narrative
Giovanni Roberto

Executive Summary of the Design Charette for Sustainable Communities
Giovanni Roberto, Daniel Lizzio

Analysis of Kalamazoo Bikeshare Options slideshow
Kevin P. Martini, M.A.


Shows 2012 highlights report2012 Office for Sustainability Highlights

Review of U.S. Campus Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Policies and Programs
Hannah Davis, B.S., Carolyn Noack, B.S., Michael N. Reynolds, M.A., Jeffrey Spoelstra, M.S., and Harold Glasser, Ph.D.

The Effects of Replacing Dispersed Trash and Recycling Bins with Integrated Waste Receptacles on the Accuracy of Waste Sorting in an Academic Building
Katherine J. Binder, M.A. 

2012 PUSC annual report slideshow
President's Universitywide Sustainability Committee 

ACUPCC Climate Action Plan 
Paul Pancella, Ph.D. and Harold Glasser, Ph.D.

Carbon Offset Road Map
Yusuke Saito, B.A.



Boiling Pot Festival 2011 Waste Management Report
Katherine J. Binder, M.A. 

Western Michigan University: Quasi-Revolving Fund 
Christina Billingsley, Senior Research Fellow, Sustainable Endowments Institute 



The Maureen Hart Series: A First Step in Creating Sustainability Indicators for Southwest Michigan
Harold Glasser, Ph.D. and Matthew Hollander

April 14 Southwest Michigan Regional Sustainability Covenant Meeting Report 
Harold Glasser, Ph.D. and Matthew Hollander 



Strategic Sustainability Initiatives Report 
President's Universitywide Sustainability Committee 

WMU Composting: A Review and Assessment of Food Waste Composting Alternatives 
Sarah Campbell