Office for Sustainability: 2529 W Michigan AveThe WMU Office for Sustainability hosts in-person and virtual workshops throughout the year. These workshops are designed for communities to share knowledge related to sustainability. Workshops are led by those with knowledge in the topic and are open to anyone interested coming in at any skill level. If one of the workshops focuses on something you want to learn more about, reserve your spot today! Detailed information about each workshop is listed below. 

All workshops and chats will be held on WMU's campus. These events are for WMU students, staff and faculty.  Please see location details under each listed event. WMU students can register for these workshops at no cost. Bring your Bronco ID card for verification. Cycling is encouraged.

Tea Making

Facilitator: Keila H. (Land Steward)  
Date and Time: Friday, February 2, 2024, at 1:00 p.m.
Format: In-person – limited capacity (15 spots) 
Location: Office for Sustainability: 2529 W Michigan Ave
Details: Discover the art of tea making as you navigate the process of washing, drying, and arranging herbs in the dehydrator, or opt for pre-dried herbs to concoct personalized tea blends. You will be able to identify common garden plants and weeds and learn about their culinary and medicinal properties. Participants will have the opportunity to bring home their custom tea bag kits upon concluding the workshop.

Upcycling to No-Sew Bags

Facilitator(s): Nicole K. and Allison B. (Graphic Designers) 
Date and Time: Friday, Feb. 23 at noon 
Format: In-person - limited capacity (20 spots)   
Location: Waldo Library: Engagement Room (3015) 
Details: Upcycling breathes new life into items, transforming thrifted t-shirts or fabrics into stylish bags. Utilizing a simple, no-sew technique, participants can easily create these bags and then express their creativity by decorating them. In addition to enjoying the crafting process, attendees will gain insights into the environmental consequences of purchasing new clothing and the importance of advocating for the reuse and upcycling of materials. 

Seed paper Cards

Facilitator: Jess S. (Communication Ambassador) 
Date and Time: Wednesday, March 27 at 2:00 p.m. 
Format: In-person - limited capacity (20 spots)  
Location: Waldo Library Lower Level (adjacent to the vending machines)
Details: Engage with art, sustainability, and native species cultivation. This interactive workshop offers beneficial insights into planting native wildflowers, paired with crafting seed paper cards by using low-impact and recycled materials. 

Native WIldflower Seed Bombs 

Facilitator: Amelia D. (Land Steward) 
Date and Time: Friday, April 5 at Noon 
Format: In-person- limited capacity (15 spots) 
Location: Goldsworth Valley Pond Gazebo
Details: Discover the wonders of native plants and their benefits in this informative session about the local flora of Michigan. Engage in a hands-on experience by learning how to create a delightful craft that serves the purpose of dispersing native seeds into vacant grass lots. It's a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of the local ecosystem while actively contributing to its preservation.