Video Compilation


 The following videos showcase some of the Office for Sustainability's current and past projects. 

Office for Sustainability Orientation Video

Video of Orientation to the Office for Sustainability at WMU

 Sustainability at Western Michigan University
Winner of Planet Forward Innovation Recognition and Second Nature Climate Leadership Award

Video of Western Michigan University Wesustain

 The Office for Sustainability's Sustainability Slam

Video of The 2013 Sustainability Slam

 Gibbs House Harvest Festival 2014

Video of Harvest Fest 2014

 Wesustain Internship

Video of WMU Wesustain Internship

The Student Sustainability Grant

Video of WMU's Student Sustainability Grant

 Good Morning Beautiful Business: Keynote with Judy Wicks

Video of WMU Office For Sustainability Presents: Judy Wicks


Gibbs House Produce Stand

Video of WMU Office for Sustainability Produce Stand


Life on the University Farm with Susan Baker Harrison

Video of Susan Baker Harrison: Life on the University Farm


Black Soldier Fly Composting

Video of Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composting


Sustainable Student Cafe at WMU

Video of Sustainable Student Cafe


WMU's EcoMug and EcoJug Program

Video of The EcoMug of Western Michigan University


Office for Sustainability Orientation Video
This orientation video highlights the evolution of sustainability at WMU and the Office for Sustainability.
Directed by Carlos Daniel (2013 Time Capsule)

Video of orientation


The Living Building Challenge
The Living Building Challenge informational video is Produced by Nicole Pascaretta and Giovanni Roberto and Directed by Nicole Pascaretta. The video was produced as a Lee Honors College Thesis Project. This video is about the Living Building Challenge and raising student, faculty, and community awareness -- focusing on Western Michigan University and the surrounding community. 

Video of The Living Building Challenge