Gibbs House

The Gibbs House is an emerging program run by the Office for Sustainability that serves as a living laboratory for students to implement their sustainable design solutions and projects. The historic 160 year old house serves as a home for our Gibbs Fellowship Program, borders the expansive Asylum Lake Preserve, and features a developing permaculture landscape full of resources and projects to get excited about. Programming at the Gibbs Site enables students to conduct research and implement projects throughout the year. Some of our latest projects include utilizing black soldier flies and a compost hotwater heater to heat our hoop houses all year long (growing wonderful greens and produce for our WMU Campus Cafe) while testing the viability of composting spent grains from Bells Brewery and food waste from multiple WMU sources. 

We host a variety of opportunities at the Gibbs House to get involved and learn more about what we do. Typically, the spring, summer, and fall are busiest times for food production and volunteers are encouraged to drop by on Fridays for volunteer between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m.  To volunteer, find out more about site features, or to learn about the internship, please select options below. 

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