Gibbs House

The Gibbs Site is home to the Gibbs House Fellowship and the Gibbs Permaculture Research and Demonstration Site. The site serves as a living laboratory for students to implement their sustainable design solutions and projects. Located on Parkview Avenue adjacent to Western Michigan University's College of Engineering and the expansive Asylum Lake Preserve, the site features a developing permaculture landscape full of resources and projects. Jobs on the site enable students to conduct research and implement projects throughout the year and has included black soldier fly larvae, post consumer food waste research and a compost hot water heater to heat our hoop houses in the past. Currently, the site maintains a vermicomposting demonstration, solar dehydrator, pollinator way-stations and more

We host a variety of opportunities at the Gibbs House for volunteers, students and community members. Volunteers can expect to learn about permaculture, food forestry, vegetable gardening or composting. Typically summer and fall are the busiest times for gardening.

Our volunteer opportunities at the Gibbs House will resume on Friday, Jan. 15, 2021!  Volunteer hours are by appointment only. To schedule your appointment, please complete our volunteer form. 

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