Engineering Division

  • WMU's Health and Human Services Building.
  • Engineers look at blueprints.
  • WMU's Sangren Hall.

The Engineering Division provides the University with professional services in the areas of design, development and management of the University's infrastructure and utilities; oversight of the infrastructure, systems and utilities requirements for construction projects and energy management, renovations and remodeling, including capital projects; oversight of projects with outside contractors; and compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Is it our vision to design and deliver superior projects through creative problem solving, knowledge, expertise and effective project management.

 Facility Design Guidelines

Mission Statement

We build facility excellence through innovation, state of the art technological support, expertise and collaboration.

Bronco Project

Bronco Project Process

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Bernhard Center demolition fencing map

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Hilltop Village area road, sidewalk and lot closures

Lot 89 parking lot closure

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