Overview of the Bronco Project Process

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The Bronco Project Management Process is organized in several different phases:

  1. Initial Client Project Meeting

    • Assessment of project
    • Define preliminary:
      • Scope:
        • Continue with Design Phase or Feasibility Study depending on maturity of project scope
        • The budget for the subsequent phase will be based on this meeting. Thus, scope deviations throughout the project may require budget adjustments.
      • Budget
      • Schedule
  2. Feasibility Study

    • Only required if project scope cannot yet be defined yet or different solutions and alternatives are to be evaluated.
    • The Feasibility Phase begins with the approval of the feasibility budget, which will include the feasibility study, the design and construction documents, professional time for the project manager, designer and potential contractors, as well as the design contingency.
  3. Design Phase

    • The Design Phase begins with the approval of the project and budget..
    • The first phase of the budget is concerned with programming, schematic design, design documents and construction documents. This is a required step before the construction phase can begin.
    • At the end of the Design Phase, the project is ready to be constructed and the construction budget is ready.
  4. Construction Phase

    • The Pre-Construction Phase is started after approval of the construction budget, which includes labor, material, contractors, construction administration, miscellaneous construction items as well as the contingencies.
    • The Construction Phase completes the project according to the scope of the project. This phase includes procurement of labor, materials and finalization of budget. The construction phase completes the building and the scope of the project.
  5. Closeout and Warranty Phase

    • Any warranty items will be addressed as required and facility records for the University will be created.

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