Definitions of Project Management Terms

Building Elevation

A drafted view of the exterior of the building as if you were standing and looking at it. Usually all four sides of the building are provided—the east, west, north and south elevations. There may also be interior elevations, which depict the view of a vertical surface inside the building, such as a view of a corridor wall or the front of an auditorium.

Contract Document Package

This accompanies the award of the project contract. It includes the construction documents plus bid addendums and clarifications, and any other document related to accomplishing a construction contract.

Floor Plan

A drafted view of the building floor plan or layout. A floor plan is essentially a line drawing of what you would see if the building were sliced horizontally at four feet above the floor surface, the top half removed, and you looked down at the exposed bottom half. Floor plans may include dimensions, equipment, furnishings and other construction details.


Heating, ventilating and air conditioning

Project Team

The group of people, led by the project manager, that plan, organize, direct and control a specific project.

Scope of Work

The description of what is to be done to accomplish the project. In contractual terms, scope of work is the description of the specific services to be provided by the professional service provider, such as an architecture or engineering firm, a construction manager or a contractor,

Site Plan

A drafted view of the location of the proposed project.

An "existing site plan" or "existing conditions plan" is essentially a map of the proposed area of construction, identifying all pertinent adjacent landscaping, bodies of water, roads, and buildings. It may also locate or identify features that may affect construction, such as rights-of-way, buried utilities or soil conditions.

A "site plan" places the proposed building on the building site, along with the various necessary site improvements such as landscaping, walkways, roads, utilities connections and service drives.


Written descriptions, requirements, and standards for all building fixtures, components, finishes and materials.

Substantial Completion

The stage of the construction project at which the work is complete enough to allow occupancy or operation of the facility even though some work remains to be done.