Landscape Services

  • Landscape Services employee holds up an empty self-watering planter with more planters in the grass in the background

    New self-watering planters make an appearance on campus.

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  • Pond surrounded by green foliage and flowers, with the dining services building in the background
  • A planter is filled with flowers and foliage, with the campus blurred in the background
  • Landscape with grass, trees and a building in the background with floor to roof windows.
  • View of the WMU baseball field with the word Broncos around the home base and Waldo Stadium in the background

Mission statement

We aim to cultivate greatness. Our goal in Landscape Services is to attract, retain and support students, staff and faculty by creating a welcoming exterior environment and continuing to grow ourselves.

Landscape Level of Service Standards


Fast Facts

 Hard surfaces - 201 acres

  • 109 acres parking lots
  • 52 acres sidewalks
  • 40 acres streets

Living surfaces - 791 acres

  • 14 acres gardens
  • 263 acres mowable turf
  • 514 acres of forest

Nature preserves - 568 acres

  • 213 acres at Asylum Lake Preserve
  • 46 acres at Kleinstuck Preserve



  • Professional Grounds Management Society, 4-star accreditation
  • Tree Campus Higher Education
  • International Society of Arboriculture certification
  • Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship certification