Governing Documents

Western Michigan University Landscape Services takes pride in the efficient and thoughtful way in which we care for the campus landscape. Our department has been working together to create numerous plans to better serve our campus community as well as the environment. These are some documents that guide the operation of Landscape Services.

Landscape Protection Protocols
Landscape Services Best Management Practices - under revision
Landscape Services Master Plan - under revision
Landscape Services Regions and Area Classifications Map - under revision
Landscape Services Specifications - under revision

Pest Management Policies
Parkview Campus Management Plan
Tree Care Plan and Procedures
WMU Woodlot Management Plan

Design Guidelines

Full list of finalized guidelines for can be found on the Design Guidelines page.

Below are the draft guidelines that must be followed

Division 12 - Furnishings

Division 31 - Earthwork

Division 32 - Exterior Improvements