For Faculty and Staff

Most buildings will still continue to collect cardboard* and office paper from offices and departments across campus. Cardboard is a valuable commodity that will bring back revenue to the University. The cardboard collection process has not changed. Breakdown cardboard boxes and place near the recycling container or outside your office. The custodial staff will manage it from there. 

Other recyclable materials generated by faculty and staff on campus can follow the same guidelines as students. Recycling generated off-campus should be managed by the City of Kalamazoo or your local area. 

Finally, remember when in doubt, throw it out! If you are unsure if something is recyclable throw it in the trash to avoid possible contamination.

Click the link below to find you site's pick up schedule.
Single stream and cardboard recycling dumpster pick-up schedule

Toner cartridges 

Return empty cartridges to your supplier, some offer discounts on future orders. If you do not know your supplier, contact the contract manager for your department's central printer.

4 toner cartridges


Styrofoam #6 can be recycled in specified receptacles on loading docks. Styrofoam is typically used as packaging for electrical equipment. If it is not labeled #6 and can bend without breaking, place in the trash. Absolutely no packing peanuts! They must go in the trash.  

electronic item with styrofoam packaging around it packing peanuts with a big red slash through itrecycling #6 logo

Batteries, lamps and electronics

Contact Environmental Health and Safety at WMU for management information. For off-campus management, refer to Kalamazoo County

batteries lined up in a pyramiddesktop monitor lightbulbs of assorted shapes


*If you are a WMU employee and are expecting to generate a large amount of cardboard, office paper and/or Styrofoam from an event or bulk purchase please submit a Bronco Fix-It request to help manage the large volume.