Video of Recycling Mayhem

Following County-wide changes, Western Michigan University has moved to Single Stream Recycling! Collection in buildings will remain the same for the time being, although campus dumpsters will be streamlined. Please read the signs at the recycle bins to ensure recycling and trash end up in the correct bins.

WMU accepts recycling generated on campus. Off-campus recycling, even if generated by current WMU students and employees, should be managed by the City of Kalamazoo or the area that you live in. 

REduce and Reuse

Recycling is an important part of the University's sustainability efforts, but remember that reducing and reusing are even more important. 

How you can reduce waste everyday: 

  • Skip the straw when ordering a drink!
  • Take reusable bags with you for shopping.
  • Have a reusable water bottle or coffee cup on hand.
  • Carry a reusable cutlery set to avoid plastic spoons and forks.
  • When eating out, bring a reusable container instead of using a disposable take-home box. 
  • Avoid printing when possible by saving to a shared drive or email copies. 
  • If printing, print double-sided and use paperclips rather than staples.
  • Shop for things second-hand before buying a new item. Check out WMU's own Surplus Sales!
  • Before shopping for school supplies or tossing old ones out, check out the ShareBox (a school supply reuse and donation center) in Wood Hall. 
  • Build and maintain your own in-home composting bin.