Fleet Management and Maintenance

  • Eight WMU vehicles are seen parked in a row. They are all different types and sizes, but all have a yellow stripe and WMU logo on the side.
  • A WMU service officer vehicle is seen in front of the department of public safety building. The vehicle is black with logos that say Western Michigan University Service Officer.
  • A Landscape Services snowplow is seen in action, plowing snow in front of the Student Center.


Fleet Management and Maintenance maintains and services a fleet of automobiles, light trucks and vans owned by Western Michigan University. In addition to these vehicles, they maintain other equipment such as the ice cleaning machines and the University rubbish truck. We have a staff of two full-time mechanics.

Our office is available to assist your needs during the hours of 6:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you need ​​assistance​, we are available by phone. Please call (269) 387-8514 with your request.

Western Michigan University is committed to advancing responsible environmental stewardship. One way of doing this is by reducing pollution and conserving fuel. It is expected that all University vehicles will be turned off if they are idle for more than five minutes. There are times when diesel powered engines may be exempt from this policy, such as when temperatures or special situations require them to stay on longer. This will be an infrequent event and should be the exception rather than the rule.

Accident Report Form

The accident report form must be filled out and faxed to Fleet Management and Maintenance at (269) 387-8398.

Accident Report Form

University-Owned Vehicles

Routine maintenance is scheduled by the garage staff and you will be notified when the service has been scheduled. If for any reason you cannot keep the scheduled appointment, please call us at (269) 387-8511.

Complete a Fleet Management and Maintenance repair request form if service is needed beyond routine maintenance.

Repair Request


  • Where is Fleet Management and Maintenance located? The Physical Plant, near the intersection of Stadium Drive and Oakland Drive.
  • My personal vehicle will not start. Will Fleet Management and Maintenance charge my battery? No, we do not maintain personal vehicles. Please contact a local towing company.
  • How do I obtain service for our departmental vehicle? A repair request should be filled out.
  • How are services paid for? All services performed by Fleet Management and Maintenance will be billed to a University account monthly.

Level of Service Standards

Facilities Management Vision Statement places an emphasis on providing excellent service to our campus students, faculty, staff, and guests. We also understand that in order to meet or exceed customer expectations, we must articulate the level of service we offer and in turn, the level of service our customers should expect of our staff. This mutual understanding of level of service is critical for the customer – service provider relationship. When our staff falls short of this expectation, we must recognize it and improve. We hold ourselves accountable to meet or exceed these expectations. We trust our campus customers have a mutual understanding of these service levels. When customers want a higher level of service, we can offer it when provided additional resources.

 Fleet Management and Maintenance Level of Service Standards