A message from the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management Department is organized and prepared to adapt to the changing environment in higher education facilities. We must address challenges in accountability, demographic changes, sustainability, and life cycle cost management. The alignment of all facility related aspects into one Department has created a unified approach to our stewardship responsibilities. More specifically, each division supports each other to be successful in their responsibilities for the life cycle of the facility asset. That includes planning, engineering, designing, constructing and operating the facility asset.

As we continue on our journey to be an exemplary education facility management organization, we will stay focused on these principles:

  • Align with University strategic plan.
  • Provide excellent service to the university community.
  • Maintain excellence in stewardship of the campus environment.
  • Professional and effective communication.
  • High standards for professional and personal accountability.
  • Practicing sustainable development and management of campus resources.

We look forward to supporting our customers and the mission of Western Michigan University. We will do this in a respectful manner and challenge ourselves to continually improve our organization. The feedback from our campus community is important to us so please communicate with our team members as often as you can.