Photo of Chad Stirrett
Associate Vice President
(269) 387-8556
Photo of Laura Cornish
Executive Assistant
(269) 387-8556
Photo of Garrie Cagney
Manager of Transportation Services
(269) 387-8511
Photo of David Dakin
Director of Planning, Space Management and Capital Projects
(269) 387-8834
Photo of David Dakin
Interim Senior Director of Planning, Design and Construction
(269) 387-8834
Photo of Erik Dantes
Information Technology Manager
(269) 387-8470
Photo of Mark Frever
Director of Landscape Services
(269) 387-8557
Photo of George Jarvis
Director of Power Plant
(269) 387-8548
Photo of John Koestner
Director of Construction Division
(269) 387-8671
Photo of Marcy Lynn
Director of Maintenance Services
(269) 387-8564
Photo of Eleonora Philopoulos
Director of Architecture and Design
(269) 387-8648
Photo of Mark Scafaria
Network Manager
(269) 387-8535
Photo of Nick Schmidt
Director of Custodial Services
(269) 387-8090
Photo of John Seelman
Director of Engineering Services
(269) 387-8539
Budget Analyst