• A student is working on their Ipad at the Sanford Center for Financial Planning and Wellness Center.

    Where do you stand?

    Test your personal financial knowledge.

  • Todd Mora, program manager, is presenting to students in the main room.

    What we do

    We are dedicated to advancing financial well-being.

  • A photo of Todd Sanford, on his plaque in entrance of the Sanford Center for Financial Planning and Wellness.

    Todd Sanford

    Realizing his vision for financial wellness.

  • A laptop with the Sanford Center for Financial Planning and Wellness Center logo displayed.

    Community impact

    The Sanford Center impacts hundreds of high school students through outreach programs like the Financial Reality Fair.

Located within the Haworth College of Business, the Sanford Center for Financial Planning and Wellness promotes the financial fitness of Southwest Michigan communities and in turn increases retention, recruitment and graduation rates for Western Michigan University.

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Video of Craft your career at WMU Haworth: Personal financial planning major

Craft your career

At the Haworth College of Business, students craft their careers with experiences that take them outside the classroom and their comfort zones, leading to increased confidence and job opportunities. Hear from Makenna—in her own words—about how WMU Haworth has supported her. 

Hear from Makenna


  • 53% of Americans report feeling anxious about their personal finances.

  • 42% of Americans admit to engaging in expensive credit card behavior.

  • 42% of Americans with outstanding student loans say they have been late with a payment.

  • Only 34% of Americans could correctly answer 4 out 5 basic financial literacy questions.


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