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Located within the Haworth College of Business, the Sanford Center for Financial Planning and Wellness promotes the financial fitness of Southwest Michigan communities and in turn increases retention, recruitment and graduation rates for Western Michigan University.

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Financial literacy and planning are critical skills in modern America. Yet, many adults struggle to recover from the burden of debt, and college students are often impacted harder than most. A general lack of financial literacy makes it difficult to make smart financial decisions, including financing higher education. It is essential that individuals and families possess the mindset necessary to seek out, critically analyze, synthesize and apply the right knowledge to effectively manage their finances in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing financial landscape. There is a solution—financial literacy. The Sanford Center for Financial Planning and Wellness at WMU Haworth can help.

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  • 53% of Americans report feeling anxious about their personal finances.

  • 42% of Americans admit to engaging in expensive credit card behavior.

  • 42% of Americans with outstanding student loans say they have been late with a payment.

  • Only 34% of Americans could correctly answer 4 out 5 basic financial literacy questions.

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    A future in finance

    Greenleaf Trust Scholarship recipient Eddie Warr has big ambitions for his career in finance.

    Read about his journey

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    A bite of financial reality

    Recently, more than 300 students from high schools in West Michigan improved their financial literacy through the Financial Reality Fair.

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