• ZOFO, alternate protein snacks are displayed in three different flavors behind green, orange and blue backgrounds.

    Market entry strategy

    MBA students worked with ZOFO, a family-owned business in Mexico, to research the company’s entry to the U.S. market.

  • Zwanka leading online class


    The Professional Category Management Certification and Cannabis Marketing Certification now offered by one of the leading faculty teams in our industry.

  • Smiling professional at conference session

    Executive education

    Custom programs that fulfill industry needs.

  • Woman presenting research data

    Shopper journey research


  • Mug of beer

    Customer loyalty research

    Get the right calls to action from your data

Experts at your fingertips

Our center’s focus on research strengthens our executive education programs and enhances the already distinctive and student-centered character of the food marketing program. 

Join our team—engage a consultant, take part in our executive education sessions, work with students or give to the center. We welcome your participation.