Western Michigan University's Center for Gerontology focuses on research, education and community service. We work to:

  • Enhance the preparation of WMU students on issues related to the aging population.
  • Conduct research to help local and national practitioners improve health and human services for older persons.
  • Provide outreach, education and research support to the community.


Western Michigan University's Center for Gerontology:

  • Advances education in health care, rehabilitation and social services.
  • Expands interdisciplinary research.
  • Creates mutually enriching community supports.
  • Develops innovative methods of education.
  • Develops evidence-based professional practice in a manner that is interdisciplinary, holistic and respectful of human diversity.


To be the recognized leader in gerontology through professional education, interdisciplinary research and responsive community service.


In achieving its vision and mission, the Center for Gerontology values:

  1. Service that improves quality of life compassion and cooperation as integral to professional competence.
  2. Interdisciplinary, holistic and collaborative education, research and service multidimensional scholarship and lifelong learning.
  3. Environments that are healthful, intellectually stimulating, supportive and respectful of differences.
  4. Partnerships with the community.