Graduate Certificate

Our population is growing older and there is a great need for professionals with expertise in understanding many aspects of aging. People working in health, social services, housing, business, planning and research all can benefit from a better understanding of support systems and positive approaches to encouraging healthy and productive aging.

The gerontology graduate certificate at WMU enhances the knowledge and skills of individuals working with or studying aging processes and older adults. The certificate complements many other graduate programs at WMU and can expand your career possibilities upon completion. All courses are offered online, but there are many opportunities for face to face interaction with instructors and other students. You will learn about the biological, psychological and social aspects of aging in the United States and other countries. Coursework will cover health and social services for older adults as well as current topics and challenges in gerontology. Prior to completion of the certificate, you will be required to complete a project focused on gerontology.  This project can take place at your current place of employment or another community based organization. 

The courses in the graduate certificate in gerontology are available to any graduate-level students admitted to WMU. Upon successfully completing the 15 credit hours of required courses, the student will be awarded the certificate. 

Financial aid for the graduate certificate in gerontology is only available to students concurrently pursuing another master's or doctoral program at WMU. Contact the Financial Aid department at (269) 387-6000 for more information.