Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Procedure

Effective date: Aug. 1, 2019

  1. When a prime award is received with a sub-award the Office of Research and Innovation enters the information from the Subrecipient Commitment Form into the Sub-award data base.
  2. When Grants and Contracts receives the prime award and creates the award in Grants PeopleSoftthe name of the sub-award is also added. A milestone (FFATA required reporting) is added to the award record. (See screen shots and instructions).
  3. The Research Contracts Administrator (RCA) in the Office of Research and Innovation prepares the sub-award and routes for signatures. After both parties have signed the sub- award the RCA sends Grants and Contracts the fully executed sub-award agreement.
  4. Grants and Contracts enters the sub-awardee DUNs number into FSRS and completes the required data elements based on the information provided in the sub-award agreement. Once the data is entered into FSRS, the Grants and Contracts Office maintains a copy of the completed submission and completes the milestone dates in Grants PeopleSoft.
  5. FFATA information such as amount of sub-award and date submitted in FSRS is entered into the sub-award database.
  6. A FFATA report is run based on the milestones in PeopleSoft on a quarterly basis.  PS Financials –Main Menu – Reporting Tools – BI Publisher – Query Report Viewer – WMUGMFFATA (Excel default view.)

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