Policies and Procedures




Cost Share

  Propose and Request Cost Share for Externally Funded Proposals Procedure

Cost Transfer

Cost Transfer Policy Cost Transfer Procedure

Excess Compensation

Excess Compensation in Sponsored Programs Policy  Excess Compensation in Sponsored Programs Procedure

Federal Costing Principles

Federal Costing Principles Policy Federal Costing Principles Procedure

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Reporting

FFATA Reporting Policy FFATA Reporting Procedure

Federally Funded Equipment

Federally Funded Equipment Policy  

Fixed Price Agreement

Fixed Price Agreement Policy-under review

Fixed Price Policy and Procedure - 2003

Fixed Price Agreement Procedure

Fly America Act

Fly America Act Policy

Participant Support Costs

Participant Support Costs Policy  

Prior Approval Request

Prior Approval Request Policy  Prior Approval Request Procedure

Program Income

Program Income in Sponsored Projects Policy  

Project Closeout

Project Closeout Policy  Project Closeout Procedure 

Research participation Compensation

Research Participation Compensation Policy  

Signature Authority

Signature Authority on Grants and Contracts  

Summer Salary

Summer Salary on Grants and Contracts Policy Summer Salary on Grants and Contracts Procedure

Subrecipient Monitoring

Subrecipient Monitoring Policy Subrecipient Monitoring Procedure

Unallowable Costs-Reasonable Doctrine 

Unallowable Costs - Reasonableness Doctrine Policy Unallowable Costs-Reasonable Doctrine Procedure