The School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs at Western Michigan University brings together academic programs which focus on core cross-disciplinary, interprofessional competencies needed for effective practice in health care and human services.

The school includes the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Services and Sciences, which prepares students for several of our master's degrees programs, or, on its own, prepares graduates for a number of careers in health care. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health and the Master of Public Health which prepare graduates for a rapidly growing field.

The school is also home to the innovative Center for Gerontology, the Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness program and the Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse, all of which offer a graduate certificate and undergraduate minor.

The Peace Corps Health Preparatory minor, provides excellent educational opportunities for students interested in a variety of health and human services professions and careers.


  • Developing competent, diverse, and compassionate professionals, sought by communities, to improve health and wellbeing​.


  • Produce cutting-edge programs of choice that inspire multidisciplinary professionals to shape the future of health and wellbeing​.


  • Learner-Centered - Facilitate learning through challenging and effective experiences​
  • Professional Excellence - Pursuing your best every day​
  • ​Transparency - Communications and decisions are open, clear, and accountable ​
  • ​Healthy Relationships - Mutual respect and attentiveness to the ideas, feelings, and concerns of others as well as a willingness to share one’s own​
  • ​Equity - Sharing in the ownership of our unique and collective experiences and responsibilities​