Lee Honors College Student Travel Grant Application


The Lee Honors College Student Travel Grants were established to support Lee Honors College students traveling to meetings or events sponsored by professional organizations for the purpose of presenting the results of their research, exhibiting or performing creative works, or otherwise disseminating results of their scholarly or creative activity. These grants do NOT cover conference attendance for other purposes (e.g., as a non-presenting attendee or workshop participant; to participate in a group performance; to undertake foreign study), or to present the findings of another's scholarly work.


To be eligible for a Lee Honors College Student Travel Grant, an applicant must be:

  • A full-time Lee Honors College student in good standing;
  • Enrolled in the semester the application is submitted.


Grants will range up to $250 for domestic travel, and up to $500 for international travel. The amount awarded will depend, in part, on the number of applications received, the funds available, and on the priority given by the review committee. Not all applications may be selected for presentation; however, proof of acceptance must be presented before the grant is awarded.

To Apply

Complete the application below, including all required supplemental documents.


Student travel grant applications are accepted at any time. Students may apply for funding BEFORE their work is accepted for presentation; however, proof of acceptance must be presented before the grant is awarded.


  • Submit completed application.
  • A typed essay briefly explaining (approximately 250 words) the significance of your research or project and how presenting/exhibiting it will be beneficial to you in achieving your educational and professional goals.
  • An abstract describing your research or creative work.
  • A copy of the letter or email inviting you to present/exhibit at the conference or perform at the event.
  • A budget that outlines your expenses. Itemize your travel budget (see reimbursable expenses below). Confirm costs with providers. Provide all expenses for each category, even if it exceeds the maximum grant amount.