Student Profile of the Week: Jossalyn Rogalski

Jossalyn Rogalski on the beach.
Posted by Bethany Gauthier on

Jossalyn is a senior majoring in Biology and one of our 2021 Medallion Scholars! As a commuter who lives an hour off campus, Jossalyn has to manage her time wisely since driving takes up two hours of her day, but she is involved with the biology club and Alpha Lambda Delta. With the 2021 Medallions, Jossalyn is working with Clean Water for the World, a local group dedicated to helping communities gain access to healthy water and they’ve been working to become a registered student organization to qualify for funding to help with these efforts.

When asked what she appreciates most about the honors college, Jossalyn shared that she loves the staff because they truly want the best for you and are always there to help when you need it, or just to chat throughout the day when they see you in the building. On top of that, she notes that there’s usually snacks and that she’s a fan of the ice from the kitchen because she doesn’t like hot drinks, but if you do, the free hot chocolate and coffee are a big plus. 

Jossalyn’s advice for new students is to not stress so much. She notes that it’s definitely easier said than done because she still occasionally struggles with a vomiting disorder from stress, so she understands how overwhelming things can seem at times. Jossalyn has learned to go with the flow more and take things one step at a time (with the help of the LHC staff) whenever things get rough in college. 

Due to her busy commuting schedule, Jossalyn hasn’t eaten out near campus because most of her money—especially these days—goes to her gas tank. To keep things economical, Jossalyn generally sticks with ramen, PB&J and microwaveable meals. Like many other college students, she’d like to eat healthier, but this is what works for now. (Once in awhile, she will treat herself to Subway in the Bernhard Center.)

Congratulations to Jossalyn for being nominated for a Lee Honors College Student Profile of the Week! We also highly encourage checking out Jossalyn’s Instagram account to view her amazingly creative makeup looks! Her most recent looks include Halloween favorites: Beetlejuice, Jigsaw and Freddy Krueger.

Video of Student Profile of the Week- Jossalyn Rogalski