EverFi HR Online Training Frequently Asked Questions

EverFi HR online TRAINING

Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to the following EverFi HR online training awareness and prevention courses for WMU faculty and staff:

•   Bullying in the Workplace Prevention
•   Harassment and Discrimination Prevention
•   Workplace Violence Prevention

Is it required that I complete the new EverFi HR training online courses?

The President’s message states that you are not required, but strongly encouraged to complete the online training. Depending on the work you do at the University, your immediate supervisor/department may require completion of certain courses. Check with your supervisor if unclear what your department’s expectations are.

I completed the older online training courses in the past. Do I have to complete the new EverFi HR training courses?

We strongly encourage all employees who have not completed the current course offerings within this academic year to complete the new EverFi HR training courses.

I want to complete the EverFi online training course. Where can I find the training courses on the HR Website?

You no longer access the online training courses on the HR Website. You access the EverFi HR training courses via GoWMU Self Service. If you are a faculty or staff member, once on GoWMU My Self Service home page, go to “All links” and look for the EverFi HR training courses. For students, once on GoWMU My Self Service, go to the student tab, and in the center look for the EverFi HR training courses.

I’m experiencing trouble accessing the EverFi training courses via the GoWMU Self Service. Where do I go for assistance?

Contact HR for assistance: Gretta Clay. If HR is unable to determine the problem, it may be a technical issue and you will be advised to contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk.

I was initially able to access the EverFi HR training courses by clicking the link from the EverFi system generated email I received, but when I tried today the link was no longer active. What happened and how I do to access the EverFi HR training courses?

The link within the EverFi system generated email is active for ten (10) days. However, it is recommended that to access the EverFi HR training courses at any time via GoWMU My Self Service.

Now that I’m using the new EverFi HR training courses, what happened to my WorkPlace Answers courses?

While the courses are no longer available, HR has maintained records of what courses you have completed.

What’s the difference between HR’s EverFi training courses and other University departments who use EverFi training courses?

The University-wide contract with EverFi is for multiple departments. The EverFi HR training courses information focuses on employees: faculty, staff, temporary, and student employees.

How will new employees access the three course assignments?

HR will automatically assign courses to employees two weeks after they are hired. New employees will receive an email communication when HR assigns their EverFi HR course assignments. They will be able to access their course assignments at GoWMU My Self Service.

Where can I find more information about other EverFi HR training courses?

EverFi LawRoom includes more than just the three HR training courses you have been assigned. If you are interested in reviewing the comprehensive listing of courses, EverFi has a LawRoom that catalogs all of these courses. HR has provided the list of EverFi LawRoom courses on its Resources and Training page. If after you review the listing and want additional information about a course, please send your request to the HR Training email: hr-training@wmich.edu.