Senior Administrative Officers Policy

Definition: Senior administrative officers of Western Michigan University consist of the vice presidents, provost, deans, chairs and directors, as appropriate, and such other officials of equivalent responsibility as may be designated by the president.

Senior administrative officials are subject to the direction and control of the president and serve at the pleasure of the president. They are employees at will and as such have no property interest in the continuation of such employment. Senior administrative officials may be terminated without cause and without prior notice, and no reasons are required or must be stated for termination of employment. All such appointments and separations are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Tenure status as a member of the faculty, held concurrently by any senior administrative officer, is separate and distinct from the administrative office, and such tenure status is governed by the provisions of the Agreement between Western Michigan University and the WMU Chapter of the American Association of University Professors. These tenure provisions have no bearing upon and do not govern the administrative appointments provided for in this policy.

Administrative appointments approved by the Board of Trustees at its June 23, 2000, meeting will be covered by the terms of the senior administrative officers policy, unless otherwise designated by the president. Letters of offer extended to individuals for senior administrative officer positions shall inform the individuals that they are senior administrative officers, and a copy of the policy pertaining to senior administrative officers will be conveyed to them as part of their letter of offer.

Policy and procedures approved the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees June 23, 2000; amended by the President November 5, 2002.