Employee Assistance Program: Frequently Asked Questions

If I use HelpNet services, will anyone at WMU know I've done so?

The only way someone at Western Michigan University will know you've contacted HelpNet is if you tell them. The HelpNet EAP is not owned by WMU and HelpNet staff are not University employees. HelpNet is a provider of employee assistance programs with whom WMU has contracted to provide free services for our employees.

HelpNet does report statistics to the University regarding the overall use of its services, but it does not report to the University any detail regarding diagnoses, names, departments, or any other identifying information.

Are HelpNet services confidential?

HelpNet adheres to all state and federal guidelines and regulations regarding confidentiality. No information is released to anyone without the client's written permission except by court order, or in the event of threatened harm to self or others, or when child abuse or neglect is suspected.

Where and when do appointments take place?

Appointments vary by office. Offices are open Monday through Friday and include early evening hours. HelpNet has offices throughout Michigan, including Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, and Lansing. It has network offices in Traverse City, Benton Harbor, and Muskegon. All offices can be accessed by calling (800) 523-0591.

Kalamazoo appointments are held at the HelpNet EAP office, 5400 Holiday Terrace, Suite 9 (off 11th Street, just south of Stadium Drive).

Who will I meet with at HelpNet and what are their qualifications?

The HelpNet counselors are all master's level professionals, with extensive experience dealing with marital and family issues; addictions; emotional problems; legal and financial concerns; careers; relationships; aging parents; stress, anxiety, and depression; and life enrichment techniques.

Both male and female counselors are available, as are counselors of various ethnic backgrounds, when requested.

What services are offered at HelpNet?

Your HelpNet counselor will talk with you about your concern. Together, you'll decide the primary issues that need to be resolved.

If caught in the early stages, many issues can be handled with your HelpNet counselor in just a few sessions, at the HelpNet office.

Some problems need more time or are outside the scope of HelpNet services. If this is the case, HelpNet will guide you to an affordable local professional with a good reputation for helping other people in your situation. You may also consider using mental health benefits covered by your WMU health plan.

Can my family members use HelpNet services?

Yes. Anyone in your household can use HelpNet services.

What does it cost to use HelpNet?

HelpNet services are free to WMU employees and their families. If HelpNet refers you to another agency or counselor, those services would be covered according to the applicable terms of your health insurance plan.