About Western Michigan University

Employee Handbook Section 2

Western Michigan University is a learner-centered research university, building intellectual inquiry and discovery into undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in a way that fosters knowledge and innovation, and transforms wisdom into action. Read more about WMU:

Commitment to excellence

A University is, more than other large organizations, a product of its people. Students, faculty, support staff, alumni, retirees and friends are what distinguish great universities. While Western's significant size as a major university is an asset, its greatness depends primarily upon the people associated with the University.

The University administration is keenly aware of the contributions made by each employee toward the goal of excellence. As a member of the team, you will be expected to accept the obligations and responsibilities for helping WMU maintain its reputation for excellence.

Your personal commitment to excellence is important to WMU.

Our students

The primary mission of the University is to provide a quality education for its students. Our employees help fulfill this mission. Students are our most important asset—they are the primary paying customers of the University. As a WMU employee, you are expected to do your best to be helpful, courteous and respectful of students' needs. Friendliness and helpfulness go a long way in maintaining a successful relationship between your particular work and the overall mission of providing students with a quality education in a positive environment.

Your role as a WMU ambassador

University employees can be the best public relations officers on campus. Often prospective students and visitors have their first contact with WMU through employees. Efficient, knowledgeable staff members with pleasant smiles and friendly greetings can do a great deal for Western. We encourage you to acquaint yourself with the campus and various departments so you can assist students and visitors.

You are an ambassador for Western Michigan University.

Safeguarding University information and property

In the course of their work, staff members have access to information about WMU operations. Western Michigan University is a public university and as such welcomes public accountability. However, some information is legally, medically or personally privileged or confidential. Discretion and the maintenance of confidentiality are expected of all employees.

Western employees are asked to be careful to turn out lights and lock doors and windows. Equipment breakdowns should be reported to your supervisor. Employees are not to remove equipment, office supplies or other University property from campus without proper authorization. All lost, stolen or missing items should be reported to the Department of Public Safety.

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