Employee Handbook Preface

This employee handbook is provided by Human Resources to acquaint you with Western Michigan University and some of the benefits, policies, and rules that apply to you as a Western employee. This employee handbook:

  1. Is not a contract and the information contained herein is not to be considered contractual promises. The information is subject to the legal documents that pertain to each benefit plan and the appropriate policies, procedures, contracts and collective bargaining agreements. This handbook can be changed unilaterally by Human Resources at any time. Human Resources will make every effort to inform employees of changes in a timely manner. In cases of conflict, the official documents and revised policies in effect at the time in question will prevail.
  2. Is applicable for all benefits-eligible non-bargaining University staff. For purposes of this handbook, "employee" refers to such employees.
  3. Is effective on the date of publication and supersedes all previous clerical and technical and professional and administrative employee handbook versions. Subsequent handbook modifications will appear online.
  4. Does not guarantee employment for any definite period of time. No one at the University now has or in the past has had the authority to make any binding oral promises, assurances or representations regarding employment status or security. Any such representation made prior to the effective date of this policy are hereby rescinded and superseded by this policy.
  5. May provide information that conflicts with provisions for employees hired by special appointment, contract or as at-will employees. In such cases, these employees may be exempt from certain provisions of this handbook. In cases of conflict between the terms contained in this handbook and the special appointment or individual contract, the terms of the appointment or contract will prevail.
  6. Contains summaries and general overviews; it is not all-inclusive. For more information, please refer to the Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual or the appropriate insurance policies, retirement plan regulations, contracts or documents for exact rules and regulations.

Human Resources is also available to help you with any questions about handbook content.

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