Staff Compensation System: Job Evaluation Committees

Western Michigan University has established two job evaluation committees, with both exempt and nonexempt staff members assigned to each committee. The charter of the committees is to evaluate changed or new jobs to determine the appropriate grade while considering the hierarchy of jobs across the University. Committee members are appointed by the vice presidents. Support to the job evaluation committees is provided by the Human Resources' compensation staff, and one Human Resources representative sits on each committee. 

Committee members

  • Enedelia Cruz, At Large (Diversity and Inclusion), Exempt
  • Jason Glatz, Academic Affairs, Nonexempt
  • Ronicka Hamilton, Academic Affairs, Exempt
  • Heather Rood, Academic Affairs, Exempt
  • Karen Stokes-Chapo, Academic Affairs, Exempt
  • Dion VanAtter, Business and Finance, Exempt
  • Kristen Wieferich, Student Affairs, Exempt
  • Lenore Yaeger, Academic Affairs, Exempt
  • Vacancy, Academic Affairs, Exempt (4)
  • Vacancy, University Advancement, Exempt 
  • Vacancy, Academic Affairs, Nonexempt (2)
  • Vacancy, At Large (Government Relations, Intercollegiate Athletics, Marketing and Strategic Communications, or Research and Innovation)