Employment Practices: Job Opportunity Program

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 3

  1. The job opportunity program covers all benefits-eligible Western Michigan University positions. Because the job opportunity program is a WMU benefit:
    1. All qualified internal applicants will receive an interview.
    2. Hiring agents will interview with the intent to hire from within whenever possible. Hiring agents must have strong justification for not hiring internal applicants who meet the minimum qualifications.
  2. The Careers and Job Postings page of the Human Resources website is the campuswide, public announcement system for job opportunities at Western Michigan University and is designed to ensure equal employment opportunities for all University employees. Current opportunities and application procedures are found at Careers and Job Postings.
  3. Vacancies to be filled by promotion or transfer from within the hiring department do not require internal or external posting. Department heads are responsible for ensuring that all employees within their departments are aware of the opening, have an equal opportunity to express their candidacy, and are fairly considered for the job.
  4. If the hiring unit or major job group is underutilized and there are qualified internal applicants for the position that meet the under-utilization criteria, these applicants must be considered first. If there are no qualified internal applicants who meet the criteria for an underutilized position, Human Resources may add qualified external applicants who do meet the under-utilization criteria before forwarding candidate credentials to the hiring agent.
  5. If the major job group or the hiring unit is not underutilized, the unit must consider and finalize decisions regarding all job opportunity program applicants before considering any external applicants. If an internal applicant is not selected, external applicants may be added to the applicant pool with the approval of the Office of Institutional Equity.

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