Insurance Plans: Long-Term Disability and Travel Accident Insurance

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 14

Long-term disability insurance

Western Michigan University's long-term disability insurance coverage details are outlined at Insurance Plans, Employee Handbook Section 12. Also see Long-term Disability Insurance.

  1. Enrollment. Eligible employees who wish to enroll in long-term disability insurance must do so in within their first 31 days of employment. Employees who wish to enroll in these plans after their first 31 days of employment will need to apply for such coverage and will be subject to medical underwriting and the eligibility requirements of the applicable insurance carrier. In this case, coverage is not guaranteed and the carrier retains the right to approve or decline the application.
  2. Continuation while off the payroll. Long-term disability insurance is not continued while an employee is not on the active payroll. When and if the employee returns to active payroll status, long-term disability insurance will be reinstated on the same terms and conditions which apply to other employees in the same position classification as the employee at the time of the return to work.

    If, however, the employee is on an unpaid leave (family and medical leave or sick leave of absence) as the result of a serious health condition, injury, or accident which also makes the employee eligible for long-term disability benefits, those benefits remain available to the employee under the terms and conditions of the long-term disability coverage.

Travel accident insurance

Policy is located at Insurance Plans, Employee Handbook Section 12.

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