Reduction in Force: Definitions

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 11

  1. University seniority—An employee's university seniority shall be defined as the length of continuous regular employment with Western Michigan University since the last hiring date.
  2. Essential open positions—Those positions authorized by the divisional vice president to be filled through temporary or permanent reassignment during a reduction period, and which are not subject to the posting requirements of the job opportunity program.
  3. Reduction in force unit—Currently, the University consists of the following reduction in force units:
    • President
      — Vice president for development and alumni relations
      — Vice president for diversity and inclusion
      — Vice president for government affairs
      — Vice president for marketing and strategic communications
      — General counsel
    • Provost and vice president for academic affairs
      — Vice provost for academic operations and chief information officer
    • Vice president for research
    • Vice president for business and finance and chief financial officer
    • Vice president for student affairs
    Reduction in force units will be updated as needed to reflect changes in organizational structure approved by the president and WMU Board of Trustees.
  4. Job title/pay grade—The staff compensation system job title or pay grade assigned to the position after it has been evaluated by Human Resources.

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