Staff Compensation System: Working Title Request

Job titles for Staff Compensation System positions at Western Michigan University are assigned based upon WMU's Job Title Guidelines and are aligned with both the market and job responsibilities. Staff members may have a business need for a working title that is different from their official job title. A working title is an unofficial title used informally for day-to-day business purposes.

Working job titles may be used for

  • Business cards.
  • Email footers.
  • Name badges.
  • Office signage.
  • Stationery.

Official job titles will be used for

  • HR communications and data, including employment verifications and recognition programs.
  • Institutional reporting.
  • Job postings.

Requests and approvals

Requests to use a working title may be submitted on an employee's behalf by his or her department head. Working title requests are subject to approval by the appropriate vice president and Human Resources. The form below may be used by department heads to submit working title requests for consideration.

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